Pictures COMMING Soon!

Hello everyone! I have been asked about pictures to go along with my founders story. I currently don’t have any up and with this exciting story just staring out I know that pictures would truly bring it to life. However I really want to focus on the dialogue of this legacy challenge before I add pictures lease don’t be upset for I do intend to put some in. I have taken many screenshots and have tucked them away until the 2nd generation part of the story begins thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m new to blogging and would really appreciate your support! Thanks again for following along. 



After days and days of waiting for the arrival of Luke and Zoe’s first child, they started trying to bring on labor. First with a massage which Zoe really liked. Then they tried woohooing a few times but to no success no baby. Zoe decided to call her midwife and see if there was maybe something else to try. Zoe just wait it will happen, let’s take a nap. Luke comes home from work early that day to make sure Zoe hasn’t gone into labor yet. He really wants to be there from start to finish. When he walks in the door he finds Zoe looking up ways to induce at home and suddenly she suddenly goes into labor. THE BABY IS COMMING! The BABY IS COMMING!! Luke goes into panic, but Zoe stays cool as a cucumber. Off to the hospital we go! After a quick check from the doctor Zoe is rushed to the ER. After hours of labor Carson McHenry is born! Now at home Zoe and Luke rush to Carson’s crib to wonder at this amazing gift. Luke is already in full daddy mode and cuddles Carson, (see Luke I told you it would all work out). So weeks pass by and Zoe spends her days caring for both Carson and the ever jealous Cowplant. One day like any other Zoe feeds and changes Carson, takes a shower, eats a quick bite and feed the Cowplant. However this day was very different. What Zoe didn’t know is sometimes the Cowplant will offer a peice of cake…Luke forgot to tell her not to take it. Zoe approaches the plant and gladly takes the cake. All at once in a quick bite the Cowplant eats Zoe! How awful. Poor Zoe. Luke comes home to find Zoe nowhere in the house or outside. He figures she went to the park so he goes to check on his  Cowplant, and to his pure shock he finds the cowplaant licking his chops. Suddenly Luke puts two and two together and realizes Zoe was eaten! Only a lowly grave stone sits in front of the plant. Luke is forever heartbroken and like seems very gray and empty. With sadness in his heart Luke engraved on the stone ” Wish You Were Here”. What will he do? How will he raise Carson without her? Will he ever be able to forgive his cowplant? Stay tuned…sigh everything will work out…I hope. 

Pregnancy and The Cowplant

Now that Luke has built the town park, it was time to move into the next stage of life. Zoe now in full bloom pregnancy ( 2nd trimester) Luke quickly asked her to the park for a quick elopement. Although it was not the wedding Zoe was hoping for, it was enough to satisfy her considering she is pregnant and didn’t feel like being surrounded by a bunch of people in a tight wedding dress, with the sun making her sweat perfusly. Nooo thank you! After the wedding Luke decided to visit the green house and think about how far he has come so far. I’ve grown a perfect garden and raised a Cowplant how hard can a baby be? Oh Luke you will be a wonderful father I promise. While Luke was at work, Zoe decided to decorate and go shopping for the baby room. Without Luke there she felt it would be a beautiful surprise! Looking around at the room she made up her mind and decided to quit her job, and become a stay at home mom. I want a big happy family, someone needs to take on the task of raising this child and ensuring the success of this town in them. With that in mind Zoe felt drained from the simple thought (and the Cowplant eating her yesterday didn’t help) that she decided to take a much needed nap. With baby number one on the way and the Cowplant growing ever jealous will this task assigned to Luke and Zoe be to much? Who knows? Until next time, stay tuned things are really getting interesting. 

Bring on The Babies

So where did we leave off…oh yes the cow plant….Well…IT HAS RISEN (mwahaha ha ha). Yes the cow plant has grown and Luke has 17 perfect plants all anxious to be featured in the future Newcrest park greenhouse. It has been a looong few weeks in Newcrest and Luke is finally ready to give his future town a beautiful park. With that in mind ( that being his future) Luke has made up his mind to start a family. Zoe is more then ready and willing to help populate this barren town with little sims of her own.  Luke has built a wonderful home for her and has even built an extra room for there future heir. It’s time to permanently plant there roots, and carry out there assigned task of rebuilding this town. I just hope it’s not to overwhelming of burden for the heir to take on. Until next time simmies. Keep your eyes on the horizon I forsee great things to come. 

Park at The Heart

So as I had said before my founders name is Luke McHenry and he is currently a younge adult and soon to be adult. With Zoe Patel at his heels for a wedding, Luke is just trying to maintain his perfect garden and grow his cowplant. What Zoe doesn’t know is that Luke plans to elope with her at the park he will soon build for the future of Newcrest. So exciting! So romantic! But that’s not all, with the cowplant in its first stages of life Luke realizes how much he wants a child of his own. Don’t worry Luke, Zoe has a surprise of her own for you? Stay tuned fellow legacy simmers the story is just getting started!

Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge

Hi my name is HoneySims! I’ve started the Sims 4 Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge today. I’ve played many challenges creatimageed by fellow simmers and have enjoyed most of them, however I wanted to start legacy that was different from the others. Luckily while browsing through I found this one and was quickly inspired to start. My founders name is Luke McHenry, (super cool random name) and he is currently doing quite well so far. It was extremely difficult in the beginning since I chose the rags to riches start suggested by simplyvanillasims, however it made the challenge much more realistic and enjoyable. Luke is currently in a serious relationship with Zoe Patel and they are BFF’s! His aspiration (freelance botanist) is almost complete just have to grow that darn cowplant! I’m anxious to build my park and start the 2nd generation! SO EXCITED!! (Ok breathe) lol. Alright off to grow that darn cowplant. Happy simming!